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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my kid wear for their gymnastics trial/class? 
We prefer your child to wear a leopard to class. If you do not have a leotard, your child can wear comfortable clothes such as pants/shorts and a t-shirt. Please wear nothing with zippers or buttons. Boys can wear shorts and a t-shirt to class. No jewelry should be worn in the gym. Long hair needs to be pulled back out of their face. Shoes and socks will not be worn while they are in class. 

When will my child move up to a different class?
Your child will move to a different class if they age out of their current class or they master all of the skills for that level. We evaluate gym wide twice a year for skills. If you ever feel like your child needs to be evaluated, please see the front desk staff.

What do I do if I miss a class?
Missed classes may be made up within 100 days as long as you are currently enrolled in a class. The current date for makeups will be posted on our homepage as well as in the gym.  When you are marked absent you receive a ‘makeup token’ through the customer portal. We offer makeup classes every other Saturday. To schedule a makeup class, log into your account through the portal. Click the ‘ My Account’ tab, then under students name click ‘make-ups’ then click ‘use makeup token’. Choose a date we offer makeup class with the date filter. You have to enter a date that we offer makeup classes and you must only choose a class labeled ‘makeup’. After you choose your makeup class, click ‘submit request’.
No Make-Up classes for missed Homeschool Gymnastics classes

When is tuition due?
Tuition is due on the first of every month. Tuition not paid after the 10th of every month will incur a $25 late fee. There are no refunds or prorating for any missed classes. 

When can my child join Top Notch?
We have open enrollment all year long. Your child can join a class at any time during the year. Our classes run all year long and they dont stop for summer. Visit our customer portal and c
reate an account for yourself, sign electronic waivers, add your child as a student and enroll them in an age appropriate "TRIAL" class for gymnastics 2.5 - 10 yrsYouth, Tiny Tumble, & Tumble trials will be enrolled in the Youth, TIny Tumble & Tumble classes, not the "TRIAL" class.


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