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Call or Email to REGISTER

We are excited to offer a program that incorporates gymnastics into your child's after school activities

in a safe and fun atmosphere.

We pick up your child from school and bring them to our gym. 

You pick up your child from our gym at 6:00pm daily.


We pick up from most of the following schools:

Harrisburg Elem., Pitts School Elem.,  Rocky River Elem., Weddington Hills Elem., and

Hickory Ridge Elem., and possibly other area schools - call us for more info

Sorry, we do not pick up from Patriots Elementary


Our Program Includes:

1 gymnastics class (for 5 day enrollment only) 

~ AND ~

Supervised Homework time

Free Play / Snack time



Registration  $50.00

Weekly Prices

$80 for 3 day program  or  $130 for 5 day program

After School Kids
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